Preschool provides a child with the freedom to explore, to develop and to express herself, even to make a mess if need be.

Here the child has the opportunity to:

  1. Participate in group activities involving socialization processes with her peers and with other adults.
  2. Develop a feeling of independence and separation from parents.
  3. Use materials and equipment not readily available at home (especially those designed for gross motor and muscular coordination skills).
  4. Have new experiences in a planned environment appropriate to her needs and abilities.
  5. Work on readiness training in the areas of color, perception, sizes and shapes, counting, one to one correspondence, and alphabet letter recognition.

Bright Beginnings provides these same opportunities to the child, but also allows the parents more insight and control over these opportunities.

We are a nonprofit organization owned and operated by parents of young children. The environment is one of relaxed, positive acceptance where each child is recognized as an individual, growing and developing at his own rate and in his own way.

A qualified teacher directs the preschool educational program with the parents assisting in carrying our her plans. All parents contribute their talents, time, and interests. All parents help carry out administrative duties of the preschool. Each family is represented in a committee position. Some parents serve as member-elected officers to handle the administration of Bright Beginnings Cooperative Preschool.