Bright Beginnings Preschool is owned and operated by its members, the families who have enrolled their children in classes.  Each family fulfills roles in the preschool to ensure the best education for our children and to secure the continuity of the preschool for the community.

The preschool is designed for families who want to participate in their child’s education in a unique way.  As the child’s first and most important teacher, the Co-op approach is enriched with the presence of parents observing and participating in daily class activities.  Positive parent-child interactions boost self-esteem, promote problem solving and curiosity.

Serving as the Teacher’s Assistant: Each class will have one or more parents serving in the classroom as the teacher’s assistant on a rotating basis. Depending on enrollment, parents can expect to be in the classroom about once a month.  Parents’ work and personal schedules are taken into consideration when creating the schedule.

The responsibilities of the Teacher’s Assistant are:

  • Arrive 15 minutes early to set up and welcome students into the classrooms
  • Interact positively with the children
  • Assist teacher with any activities
  • Stay after class to complete the daily cleaning checklist

Participating on a committee: Families are required to participate in at least one committee to support the co-op. The committees are based upon the needs of the co-op as well as the talents of the parents. Ideally, families will be matched with the job that best suits their talent and passion.

Classroom Maintenance: In order to promote health, members will assist in thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the classroom beyond the daily cleaning. This deep cleaning occurs once a month, and families participate on a rotating basis.

Fundraising: Families are asked to participate in fundraisers each year.  Fundraising requirements are based on enrollment and the needs of the school.

General Meetings: At least one parents from each family is expected to attend general membership meetings throughout the year.