As members of Bright Beginnings Cooperative Preschool, each family participates on at least one committee to help create the uniquely enriched community that is Bright Beginnings. The list below is a sample of committees (as they may change each year based on the school’s needs.)

Maintenance and Supplies
Identify areas in need of maintenance and repairs. Seek volunteers with gifts and talents to build or repair. Determine supplies need for the BB program, activity and/or events. Communicate needs with membership and St. Mark’s.

Publicity/Open House
Identify, plan and execute strategies for outreach, including enrollment events, Lunch in the Park (Fridays in summer), Firefly Nights, Literacy in the Park, etc.

Set the fundraising schedule for the year, research outside donations. Communicate to the membership the fundraisers for the entire year.

Develop a scope and sequence for 2019-2020 school year for parent handbook. Support and work with teaching staff with program – developmental and faith nurture outcomes.

Family (Membership) Fellowship
Build community among the Bright Beginning Preschool families through a variety of strategies: beginning of the year picnic, monthly member meeting hospitality, parent social events, caring ministry.

Social Media and Website
MDevelop an active presence for the preschool on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) in order to promote the preschool while keeping member and alumni families informed. Maintain the preschool website, ensuring to keep all information current.

Class Parties and Internal Events
Organizing and recruiting volunteers for class parties and events for the benefit of the students: family picnic/supply drop off, special friends’ day, Halloween party, Christmas program, Christmas party, Valentine’s Day party, Easter party, Spring program/graduation.

Continuing Education
Compile a list of educational topics that support the early education of children in the school and at home. Solicit ideas for topics from membership. With others, identify qualified speakers and establish a schedule based on the monthly membership meetings. Advertise the
education portion of the meeting to the public. St. Mark’s youth group and/or nursery staff will supply childcare during meetings.